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Busbar Machinery Corporation designs and manufactures busbar deep processing machines. The following videos introduce the major features of each machine and highlight the function of each station in the forming process.

If you have trouble viewing these videos please email to Donna donna@busbarmc.com.

BMC Corporate Video

Busbar Machinery Corporation is the leading worldwide manufacturer of machinery to punching & cutting bending & embossing of the copper/aluminum busbar.

DGWMX503E-3-S Video

This video gives a station-by-station overview of the DGWMX503E-3-S busbar machine and shows a range of applications.

MX302K CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine Video

To cut/punch(all kingds of round/square/special holes and slot type)/chamfer/emboss the copper/aluminum busbar ect.


BMC ® Busbar Twisting & Bending machine introduces the Twisting copper.

MXQ-2000 CNC busbar copper bus bar sawing machine Video

This video introduces mainly used for the sawing process of bus bar.

MXJZ302-S CNC Busbar Cutting Bending Machine Video

This video introduces To cutting bending the copper/aluminum busbar ect.

MX.JCX-130 CNC Busduct joint connection busbar of BBT trunking system machine Video

The CNC Busbar Machine main use is processing production of bus dust connection bus bar , including punching, stretching, bulging, cutting and other processing technology..

MXB-600 Double heads busbar trunking system busbar bending machine Video

This main functions is bending the two ends of connection busbar of the line of the bus dust,and bending double bends once for each end of the bus dust.

MXY255-125 Bus duct Busway Bridge Housing Extrusion Press Clamp Machine Video

This video reviews the MXY255-125 machinery and With relay control, pneumatic clamping, no power roller with integral installation, roller surface covered with polyurethane, to prevent scratching the bridge.