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NC.40ZB-1200 CNC busbar bending machine

CNC busbar bending machineFunction Introduction:

copper busbar bending machine

1.This machine adopts a fully servo motor power drive, with high output pressure and transmission Advantages such as stability and accurate positioning; This machine can be used together with the MX602K series CNC busbar punching and shearing machine. Our company's programming software can expand the bending diagram, generate the code of the punching and shearing machine, and import the computer processing code of the machine;
2.The NC40ZB structure adopts a "closed bending" structure, which is with simple structure, balanced and reasonable force mode, and greatly enhanced mechanical strength compared to the first generation of open bending. The frame structure and welding are stable, which can ensure long-term use without deformation. The retaining part adopts double linear guide rails, and the ball screw runs stably without noise.
3. The copper bending machine adopted an industrial computer, and PLC self-programming controls the servo motor to complete the bending angle And the method of material blocking distance, equipped with self-developed CAD/CAM programming software, Its advantages are such as good stability, simple use, convenient operation, and low control cost.
4. The NC.40ZB series CNC busbar bending machine is with powerful functions and is equipped with corresponding molds, which can perform operations such as flat bending, vertical bending, and pipe bending on copper busbars; It can quickly, efficiently, and batch produce various copper busbar bends.
5.Easy installation and replacement of molds, The blocking accuracy is ± 0.15 mm, and the bending accuracy is ± 0.3 °.
6.Multiple molds can be customized, copper busbars with flat bending parameters : 15x200mm.
7.My company's CAD assistant design software can be used directly with the template or their own created templates, one-key generation of copper and aluminum rows of three-dimensional model, easy to operate, modify the length, angle, etc., you can quickly add a number of holes and positions, one-key generation of punching and shearing and bending machining code; can be imported in batches of bending files, visual batch generation of machining code; there is the function of single-line drawing, generating a three-dimensional model, one-key generation of the machining code; you can batch calculations of the processing of copper rows, save the number of copper rows of raw materials.
8.The CNC operating system of this machine is simple to operate.


Max size-bending

Vertical bending Max size

Gauge length

Servo drive

CNC backgauge

Control System

To learn more about BMC's fast, productive,copper busbar bending machine, punching & cutting & bending CNC busbar machines, contact Leanne Lee, International Sales Manager at leanne@busbarmc.com.

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