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MXJZ302-S CNC Busbar Cutting Bending Machine

CNC Busbar Cutting Bending MachineMain Function:

CNC Busbar Cutting Bending Machine for copper/aluminum

The Busbar Cutting Bending Machine is a new generation of CNC busway machining equipment developed by our company.The main function is to cut bend different kinds of busbars.
Main Features:
1, the machine consists of the former table, table, after the care table, clamping system, hydraulic system, electronic control system. The hydraulic system and the electronic control system are placed inside the equipment to reduce the space occupancy, the appearance is simple and beautiful; the table has rollers to prevent the wear of copper.
2, The machine has a cut, bend two units, can achieve different specifications of the copper row of shear and "Z" type bending. Cutting unit with single-blade shear, notch flat, no burr, can be processed with a maximum width of 210 thickness of 10mm copper; "Z" bending forming unit, the unit is highly adjustable CNC machining unit, closed by a straight line Displacement sensor feedback to the numerical control system, and can be adjusted according to the measured value adjustment can be processed with a maximum width of 210, thickness 10mm, length of 3200mm copper.
3, the machine with a clamping system, the use of double-action clamp structure, through the cylinder to promote, to achieve copper busbar clamp, and keep the copper busbar row in the middle of the table, copper busbar can be clamped according to the set value Cut and bend.
4, The machine is equipped with a single-axis servo feeding system, through the rack and pinion, servo motor, and double linear guide to achieve feed feed.
5, two units were used two sets of separate hydraulic system, the operation does not affect each other.
6, the use of PLC control, human-computer interaction can be programmed by the PLC to control the displacement of the servo motor.


Max. Process Width (MM)

Max. Process Thickness (MM)

Max. Process Length (MM)

high precision ball screw

high precision linear guide

Can be customized

To learn more about BMC's fast, productive, copper busbar bending machine,punching & cutting & bending CNC busbar machines, contact Leanne Lee, International Sales Manager at leanne@busbarmc.com.

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